Email address verification

Clean your email address list for a higher deliverability, more conversions and lower cost.

Bulk verification & real-time API




We verify email addresses for a higher deliverability

Verimail will remove undeliverable and risky addresses from your recipients list

Remove syntax errors for free
Remove duplicates for free
Correct common typos like
SMTP verification
Remove invalid domains
Detect catch-all addresses
Detect disposable addresses
Anti-Greylisting technology

Bulk or API

List Verification

Verify your email address list in minutes: Upload your CSV, Verify, Download.


Real-time API

Verify email addresses in real-time with our super-fast API. API Docs


We take data privacy very seriously

We guarantee that all our services are encrypted end to end and that verified addresses are automatically and permanently deleted from our servers after every verification.

Cost Effective

Best rates guaranteed

Whether you need to validate a few hundred emails or millions, our volume pricing guarantees the best rates on the market.


Verimail saves you time and money

Increasing deliverability will ultimately increase email-marketing R.O.I.


Protect your reputation

Wrong email addresses hurt your sending reputation. Bad reputation means fewer emails delivered to the inbox. Validating your email list protects your reputation which in turn increases your delivery rate.


Get more leads

Every email address with a typo is a lost lead and money thrown out of the window. Prevent loss at its source by implementing real-time email validation. Your leads will be invited to correct their email address before submitting.


Increase conversion rates

Marketing emails are meant to convert leads into customers. Even the slightest change in conversion rates can have a big impact on your bottom line. Email address validation increases delivery rate which ultimately increases conversion rates.


Save on sending costs

Good emailing campaigns come at a cost. You dont have to pay for the wrong addresses every time you hit send. Eliminate undeliverable addresses once and for all with email address verification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Verimail?

Verimail is a bulk verification tool and REST API that verifies email addresses. For every email address you provide we will perform multiple checks and tell you if it is safe to send emails to this address or not.

Why do I need to verify my mailing-list?

Sending emails to unreachable mailboxes will hurt your delivery rate. If over 10% of your emails are undeliverable, then less than 44% are delivered. It is best practice to clean-up your mailing-list at least once a year.

How reliable is it?

We guarantee 99% deliverability on the emails we return as deliverable. On the technical side, Verimail runs on Google's cloud platform, with an SLA of 99.95% and scalable to thousands of requests per second.

Do I need technical skills to use Verimail?

No. Bulk validation is as easy as 1,2,3: Upload your CSV, validate, download. If you need real-time validation using our API, contact us, we can help with the technical setup.


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